The Two Headed Bull

Today is an exciting day for the Tatamagouche Brewing Company! We are revealing our NEW LOGO! For the past four months we have been working with the fabulous Halifax based agency, Impact. Together we have come up with a logo that we are all very proud of.

The Two Headed Bull is an image we feel portrays Tatamagouche in a number of ways. It evokes strength, which Tatamagouche has shown during its continuous growth. Tatamagouche is a little town, that has big ideas and is traditional yet enjoys change. It is also home to a two headed calf where the idea originally stemmed from.

As well as presenting our logo, we are now able to share our Twitter and Instagram accounts with you! We are excited to be able to show you the process on our social media sites!

Find us on Twitter @tatabrew and on Instagram @tatabrewco

Happy Friday! Cheers!